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Mac Technical Assistance

You can even search the market, but when it comes to Mac Technical Support, Qualist Technician comes out ahead of the competition. Here your MacBook goes through a thorough analysis process to verify not only the problem you have already identified, but also other details that may interfere with the use of the device.

Video card performance, iOS operating system analysis, sound outputs, connector inputs, screen/display quality, program functionality, keyboard failures…. No aspect is overlooked.

MacBook technical assistance is one of Qualist Technician specialties precisely because it is a complex service that demands maximum quality in all procedures. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Laptop Repair Services

How is my MacBook maintained?

Qualist Technician guarantees the best service and always focused on Mac repair. To this end, values ​​such as transparency and honesty are part of a routine that has only one focus: your complete satisfaction! At Qualist Technician you can also request the removal and return of your MacBook through the “Delivery” with insurance.

In this way, the maintenance of the device is carried out from its arrival at our laboratory, where it will be observed by a team specialized in Apple maintenance to identify the problem. Then repairs are performed, your Mac is returned, and you receive recommended instructions for using and caring for the machine.

Mac Video Card Repair

Upgrading can often extend the life of your Mac by at least another five years, and for less than buying a new one. So make a quote with us to increase the capacity or improve the performance of your Mac’s HD and RAM memory.

If there was an incident with your Mac, breaking the Display, Top Case, trackpad, battery no longer charging, or any other problem, please contact us. We backup, restore software and update your Mac system!

Qualist Technician Store provides repair, maintenance and specialized technical assistance services for iMac, Macbook air, Macbook pro, Macbook, Mac Mini.

Bring your Mac to our store or schedule a pickup with our motoboy.


Service available for devices:

Mac Devices


It may not seem like it, but Apple released the first MacBook was in the year 2006! The first line of handheld devices in this category...

Mac Devices

MacBook Pro

Looking for MacBook Pro technical support? With iGeek's you don't have to worry anymore! Here the service is transparent...

Mac Devices

MacBook Air

Launched by Apple in 2008, and with a more recent version (2013), the MacBook Air's main difference is its thickness...

Mac Devices


Few Apple releases caused as much impact as the arrival of the iMac in 2008. With a bold and robust design...

Mac Devices

Mac Mini

One of Apple's most user-friendly devices, the Mac Mini surprised everyone at its launch (2005) with its small size....

Mac Devices

Mac Pro

High performance, quiet operation and a design that has always impressed. So Apple's Mac Pro marked its name in history...

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