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The iPhone 4 arrived on the global market in 2010 and immediately won the preference of technology lovers. Among the advantages, this was the first

version with Apple’s popular operating system, iOS. The iPhone 4s, on the other hand, was launched the following year and presented improvements and a novelty: the “Siri” voice assistant. Interesting, isn’t it? But looking coldly, it’s been seven years since the launch!

After so long it is common to find people with a broken iPhone 4 or even someone requesting Apple iPhone 4s repair. Are you in the same situation? Count on Qualist Technician expert technical assistance for iPhone 4 and 4s repair. Here the service is complete to change the screen, fix the speaker, fix the microphone, change the logic board, adjust the operating system, among other necessary procedures for you to have a device in full use conditions.

Qualist Technician also offers the “Delivery” mode for picking up and returning your iPhone at home or work. In this way, with total transparency, honesty and tranquility, you are guaranteed a complete and agile support. You can trust!

iPhone 4, 4s Repair Dubai

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