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Replace iPad Battery

Replace iPad Battery

It’s no secret that one of the biggest benefits of having an Apple iPad is the mobility of being able to use the device wherever you want at home, at office, on trips and so on. But none of that is possible when the iPad battery starts to show problems. This is precisely why replacing the iPad battery is such an important service.

Technical assistance replaces the iPad battery so you don’t waste time and patience whenever you need to use the device. With a new battery, 100% charged, you will be able to enjoy the much-desired mobility, which makes life online on social networks much easier or even to work wherever you are. It is worth noting that changing the Apple iPad battery is a necessity sooner or later, as it is a part that has a limit of hours of use.

Qualist Technician performs this service with transparency, honesty and commitment to your urgency. Immediately after hiring, technical assistance is initiated and Qualist Technician guarantees quality in the replacement of the used battery for a new one, 100% adapted to the device and without risk of failure. Want more? Qualist Technician also picks up and returns your iPad at the desired address through the “Delivery” mode. Contact us and learn more.


Service available for devices:


iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4

Technology and design mark some of Apple's best-selling devices in style, such as the iPad 2, 3 and 4. This combination enchants...


iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3, Mini 4

As the name itself makes clear, Apple's iPad Mini, Mini 2, Mini 3 and Mini 4 models represent a breakthrough...


iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3

With performance superior to Apple's standard line of iPads, the iPad Air, Air 2 and Air 3 models impress with their technology as well as their design...

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